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The new website home page

It’s here – a new design for my photo website. After working (and struggling) for nearly a year with the old theme, I decided a few days ago to find something better suited to a photography site. I found it in a WordPress theme called Photocrati.

Photocrati is a premium theme, meaning you have to purchase it, but I have found that ‘free’ themes can tend to be fairly limited. Fortunately, the company is running a holiday sale. The discount seems to vary from day to day, but I caught it when it was fairly substantial. And after a couple of days of working with the theme, I think it was well worth the cost.

The major issue I had with my previous theme, called KingSize, was that the photo galleries were very difficult to work with. A photo could not be stored in more than one gallery and the only way to remove a photo from a gallery was to delete it completely from the site.

Additionally, the theme used WooCommerce as its sales portal. WooCommerce is a good product and is used by many websites. However, with the gallery limitations, I found that I had to upload two copies of any photo that I wanted to offer for sale. There was no cross-over between the sales function and the display gallery.


One thing I noticed in my research was that Photocrati offers 60 different theme styles from their one package. Thus, you can not only choose a look that you like, but you have numerous options to change the look of your site with very little maintenance work in the future.

The galleries are much more straight-forward, at least in my view, and I found them easy to work with after a short learning curve. 

But the biggest advantage I found was that Photocrati has the ECommerce package fully integrated with their theme. While I don’t sell a large number of photos, I do get requests for some and the challenge before was deciding which photos to make available, given the duplication involved. 

With Photocrati, virtually every photo I uploaded can be available for purchase — either as a print or a download. And it only requires a single upload of the photo. (I don’t offer my Street Photography shots for sale at this time, but most of my travel photos and architecture / water feature shots are available.)

I also would like to thank the technical staff at my long-time web hosting company, They made the transition much easier by copying all of my files into a development module, and then taking everything live when I was ready. I could do that myself but what would take me about 30 minutes each direction was handled by them within a couple of minutes. 

Clean Up

I did take the opportunity during the transition to re-upload every photo that I had on my website. While this wasn’t completely necessary, I took the opportunity to standardize the sizes and resolution of the photos for a more consistent look. As I write this blog post, there are still a few galleries — mostly having to do with architectural and historic sites — that still have to be recreated. However, I plan to have those finished with in the next day or two.

What Do You Think?

Feel free to check out the site at You can leave your thoughts as a comment to this post or send me an email through the ‘Contact Me’ menu option. I look forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions to make the site even better.




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