Louisville Flood of 2018

More than ten inches of rain in February, most of it within the past week, has swelled the Ohio River to create the Louisville Flood of 2018. This is second highest level the river has reached in the past 50 years. It is projected to be about four feet lower than the mark set by the disastrous flood of 1997.

A few months difference – the same light pole today and last summer.

This morning, I went downtown to capture some of the flooded areas. I was joined by dozens of people with everything from cell phone cameras to sophisticated news cameras. That was no surprise, given the impact on the city of this event.

While high water prevented me from getting to all the areas I wanted to check, I was able to capture some good representations of the extent of this event. Today’s photos are available in a special gallery titled, naturally, Louisville Flood of 2018

I also took a few photos of people on the street. Those are included in the Street Photography gallery.

While most of the impact is felt along the shores of the Ohio River, other areas of the city were not immune from damage. On Shelbyville Road, near the Oxmoor Mall, several miles from the river, two people were swept away by fast moving water. Fortunately, they were discovered alive some distance away.

Today, Monday, February 26, the river is expected to reach its highest level. However, rain is predicted for Wednesday and Thursday, so it’s still a question of the overall impact of additional precipitation. 

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