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Yesterday was the nicest day of the year so far in Louisville. It was a good day to get out for some photographs. My photo shoot took me to the water treatment plant in Crescent Hill and then to the Louisville waterfront.

Water Treatment Plant

Louisville is one of the first cities in the country with municipal water treatment. The reservoir was established in 1879 in the Crescent Hill area where water was pumped from the Ohio River. Sediments from the river water naturally settled in the reservoir before water was pumped through a filtration system. The reservoir, and the 1879 gatehouse which controls water flow, are still in use today.

Photos can be found in the Architecture gallery.


While I often photograph scenes along Louisville’s waterfront, I went to an area today that I don’t visit often. I got a couple of shots from a spot directly between the Kennedy and Lincoln bridges which carry Interstate 65 across the Ohio River. I also got a couple of shots of a Ferris wheel in place surrounded by the access ramp to the Big Four pedestrian bridge. The wheel is in place for the Kentucky Derby Festival. Photos are available in the Waterfront gallery.

While there wasn’t a lot going on on the waterfront today, I did spot a woman practicing yoga on the viewing platform along the river. There was also a Louisville Metro Police boat patrolling the Ohio River. Even though the Ohio River is the border between Kentucky and Indiana in this area, the state boundary line lies on the north shore of the river rather than in the center. Therefore, responsibility for safety on the river rests solely with Kentucky authorities — in this case the Louisville Metro police.

A photo of the patrol boat and the woman practicing yoga can be found in the Street Photography gallery.



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