This Week’s Walkabouts

This week, my photo walkabouts, as I call them, were two decidedly different ventures.  Downtown Louisville On Tuesday, I walked around downtown Louisville – one of my favorite venues for street photography. While I didn’t […]

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Full-Featured Photoshop Coming to iPad

In a major announcement, Bloomberg reports that Adobe Systems will announce a full-featured version of its iconic Photoshop program for the iPad. The announcement is anticipated at the October 2018 MAX Creative Conference. Release of […]

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Kentucky State Fair

For the first time, I’m entering photos in the Kentucky State Fair.  There are eight categories but I chose to enter only three. It’s likely that few of the Kentucky State Fair attendees have seen […]

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Headshots – A New Photographic Adventure

I’ve never been afraid to photograph people. In fact, early in my ‘career’ as a photographer, I hit upon the genre of Street Photography. There is something special about capturing everyday people in everyday situations […]

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My Workflow for Adobe Lightroom CC

In a previous post regarding the new Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, I said that I would share my personal workflow when importing photos into Lightroom. There are probably as many variations of workflow as there […]

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Adobe Lightroom – Now Better Than Ever

In a previous post, I explained why Adobe Lightroom is my choice for photo management and editing. But as good as it was, Lightroom is now better than ever. The Develop Module in the newest […]

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Water Treatment – Waterfront

Yesterday was the nicest day of the year so far in Louisville. It was a good day to get out for some photographs. My photo shoot took me to the water treatment plant in Crescent […]

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Special Visitor

I was happy to have my son, Jaffe Worley, visit this past weekend. He generally lives in Seattle but is in Madison, WI for a while so it was fairly easy for him to make […]

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Lightroom – My Choice for Editing and Storage

While there are a number of applications on the market for categorizing and editing photographs, my choice is Lightroom Classic CC 2018 by Adobe. Lightroom is a complete package, combining storage, categorization, and powerful editing […]

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Street Photography – What Is It?

The largest photo gallery on this website is dedicated to Street Photography. But what is street photography? What are the variations and are there issues or concerns with the practice of street photography? This article […]

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