This Week’s Walkabouts

This week, my photo walkabouts, as I call them, were two decidedly different ventures. 

Downtown Louisville

weary eyesOn Tuesday, I walked around downtown Louisville – one of my favorite venues for street photography. While I didn’t capture a great number of photos, I was fortunate to get one of a man whose weary eyes looked as though they had seen too much in his lifetime. Photos from that trip are included in the Street Photography gallery.

Norton Commons

Today, I took a slightly different turn. I had noticed what appeared to be a replica of Stonehenge in a park in the nearby upscale neighborhood of Norton Commons. But rather than just photograph that, I took a walk around the park. Although there was virtually no one in the park that I might photograph, I did capture a few shots of the landscape features of the park. Despite not seeing any people for ‘street photography,’ I enjoyed the walk in the placid location. 

Photos from today’s shoot are in the Norton Commons gallery.


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