Il Duomo from the Roof – Photo of the Week

In 2016, I had the opportunity to visit Milan, Italy. During that visit, I toured Il Duomo di Milano (the Milan Cathedral). The Milan Cathedral is the second largest church in Italy and fifth largest in the world. Construction began in 1386 and was finally completed in 1965. Thus, the building was nearly 600 years in construction.

One of the highlights of my visit was being able to access an area of the roof of the Cathedral. While this is an area open to the public, not many people take advantage of it. It is either a long stair climb or an extended wait for an elevator which seems to deter the majority of visitors.

However, my wait was rewarded when I was able to capture a photo showing some of the ornate stone carving of the spires with the courtyard of the Cathedral below.

Additionally, the photo shows the entrance to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, a high-end shopping mall opened in 1884. It is the arched opening at the right side of the photo.

Of all of the photos that I took in the area of the Cathedral, this one is my favorite.

Milan Cathedral
Il Duomo di Milano (Milan Cathedral) from the roof

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