A Day of Photographing Models

I’ve taken a few headshots and formal portraits in my photography career. However, I don’t have a lot of experience photographing models. That’s why I was happy yesterday to attend a clinic hosted by Absolute Studio in Louisville.

Photographers and Models attending were paired with each other for photo shoots in the beautiful Mellwood Art Center, a former Fischer Meat Packing plant. The 360,000 square foot building now houses numerous art and entertainment venues.

There was no cost to attend the clinic and neither was there any charge by photographers or models for services. It was just a great way for people — many of whom had never met before — to interact and enjoy photography.

I was fortunate to be paired for most of the time with Paige Whitmore. Paige is a wedding and portrait photographer who recently relocated to Louisville from Colorado. She took the lead in posing our models, many of whom were very inexperienced themselves. I learned a lot from watching Paige work, and also noticed the rapport she built with the models.

Shirlee and Tay, two of the models I worked with today

All of today’s shooting was outdoors in natural light. A few of the photographers attending brought their own flash units and modifiers, but most just took advantage of the available light.

Unfortunately, today was a nearly cloudless day, so the sun provided some pretty harsh light. An example can be seen on Shirley’s face – above left. However, the Mellwood Art Center offers several passageways which gave us some indirect light as well.

I took about 325 photos of the models I worked with — Shirley, Tay, Chantelle and Kiki — and I’m very happy with the result. While I still have a lot to learn about working with models, today was a positive step forward.

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