Photo Book is Available

I’m happy to announce that my photo book is now available for sale.

This book is a compilation of 49 of my favorite street photos, taken over the past three years. For each photo, I provide a brief description of what drew me to the scene or what caused me to make the photograph.

I took most of the photos in and around Louisville, KY but there are a few from the Boise, ID area.

Some, such as the cover photo, reflect a social or emotional commentary. Others are more whimsical.

I also looked for composition elements such as color or gesture which help to define the moment.

Two Formats

The book is available in two formats:

  • A gloss soft-cover version priced at $39.95
  • A downloadable PDF version priced at $9.99

To get either version, click on the photo below. It will take you to the Blurb preview page, where you can preview the book. If you would like to purchase either version, click on the shopping cart logo above the book photo on the Blurb page.


A good question is “Is it listed on Amazon?” The answer is no.

To my surprise, since I have offered my novels there in the past, Amazon charges a significant listing fee for photo books. Just to cover Amazon’s listing fee, I would have to increase the cover price of the soft cover book by $10.

And Amazon does not offer the ability to get the book in PDF format.

I could have released it on Amazon as an e-book for the Kindle reader, but in my experience, photo books don’t always work well in that format.

For those reasons, I chose to only list the book on the page. (Blurb is the company that prints the soft cover book.)

I hope you enjoy the book. Please feel free to leave your comments or a book review in the comments section below.

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