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Photography in a Social Distancing World

The new reality of social distancing brought on by COVID19 has had its impact of photographers, just as with every other facet of American life. What are photographers doing when they are forced to close their studios and interaction with other people is severely limited?

I can’t speak to professional photographers, since I’m not one of them. However, for dedicated hobbyists like me, many are taking advantage of the opportunity to learn new things.

Several of my fellow non-professionals are exploring new genres, most often landscape or macro photography.

Social Distancing Photo Shoots

Personally, I’ve engaged in some macro or close-up, although its not a new area for me. I also shot some ‘selfies’ in my studio, portraits aimed at the stock photo market.

flowers are a great social distancing subject

Today, I took my 7 year old grandson – a budding photographer – on a walk around our neighborhood. Together we photographed spring’s new flowers, some flowering trees, and even a few interesting rocks. It was a fun time for the two of us and caused me (most often a street photographer) to look for new subjects.


As a long time subscriber to Scott Kelby’s training site,, I’ve also taken advantage of some of the training videos to improve some of my techniques. Scott is also offering free video seminars during this time. He presents ideas which for photo-related activities which are consistent with social distancing.

You don’t have to be a KelbyOne subscriber to view them. Just log on to to view.

Photo Organization

I’ve also taken some time to clean up the organization of my photos in Lightroom. My cataloging plan had evolved – and simplified – over time, largely from Scott Kelby ideas, and this has been a good time to further implement those ideas.

What have you been doing with your photography in this time of social distancing? Leave a comment below.

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