The Lily on the Deck

One recent day, I ventured outside in my back yard, looking for interesting shots. One almost jumped out at me — the flowers on my deck. A type of lily? … maybe.

My wife likes to have several large pots of plants and flowers positioned around our deck. I enjoy them but don’t often pay close attention. In this case though, one particular wooden pot of flowers grabbed my attention.

The yellow flowers had an attractive shape. But the intricacies of the flowers also caught my eye – brown speckles on faint yellow and blue petals. Delicate stamens rose from the convergence of the petals. The flowers, which my wife had never planted before, looked familiar … and yet they weren’t.

Using an app on my phone called Picture This, I learned that the flower was called the Peruvian Lily. The flirtatious blooms are native to South America. But I also learned they are called Alstroemeria, a name derived from the Swedish botanist, Baron Von Alstroemer, who introduced them to Europe in the late 18th century.

The lightbulb came on! Alstroemeria! I often request a smaller version of this lily with white flowers as an accompaniment to roses sent to my wife. No wonder they pulled my attention.

I took several shots from various angles. But the composition above was my favorite. I even used the photo as the cover photo for my personal Facebook page. And it’s the lead photo on my photo gallery page.

If this flower, and my photo of it, speak to you, please leave a comment below.

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