About This Site / FAQ

In general, this is a pretty straight-forward photo gallery site. There are some items which may enhance the experience for the user:


The blog for this site is labeled “Photographer’s Notebook.” 

A primary feature of my blog is a ‘Photo of the Week.’ Every photo tells a story, although that story isn’t always fully apparent. While I won’t necessarily post a “Photo of the Week” every week, I will post a photo along with a more complete description of what was happening at the moment I took the photo. Sometimes, that description will put the photo in historical context, since Louisville is an area steeped in American history.

Subscribers will receive an email notifying them of new posts to my Blog. Those notification emails will go out about 8:00 AM Eastern time. 

Additionally, I will post occasional articles regarding my take on photography, my choices in equipment, commentary on locations and my own growth as a photographer.

Purchase Photo Prints

Some photos may be ordered in print format. These photos will be displayed in a separate gallery. Photos which may be purchased will have purchase options automatically displayed in a panel to the right of the photo on desktop applications when the individual image is displayed from the thumbnail grid. Photos are available in two paper types, and three basic sizes. Print images will not display any type of watermark. Copyright information will be printed on the back of the photo.

  • Please note that print images may be cropped slightly from what is displayed on the website to fit the selected dimensions.

Orders are shipped directly to the purchaser from Maryland within two to three weeks of the order date. Prints are only available for customers in the United States.

Additional sizes may be available. Send an inquiry through the “Contact Me” menu option, describing the photo name (the word “Print” followed by a four or five digit number) and the size you are interested in.

Digital Downloads

All photos which can be ordered in print format may also be downloaded in digital (JPG) format. You will be provided with a download link immediately upon payment. Digital downloads will have a small watermark in the lower right corner, but the large watermark across the front of the photo will be removed from the download.


Photos purchased from this site may not be used for any commercial application, including advertising.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me through the Contact page.