About Me

mike worley headshot aboutAlthough I was not born here, Louisville, KY, has been my home for the past 15 years.

I am retired but stay active. I have a passion for photography and while I have only been actively engaged in photography since 2016, I am shooting photos about three days per week.

Photography Focus

My favorite photo genre is Street Photography – capturing images of people being themselves in everyday situations. In general, street photographs are unposed and often candid. The challenge, and excitement, of street photography is that it is largely unplanned. You can decide where you are going to shoot and when, but the subjects and the dynamics of the street change, literally moment to moment.

Also for this reason, street photography, unlike studio photography or even landscape or architecture photography, is very ‘spur of the moment.’ The photographer often has only seconds – or even fractions of a second – to make a decision to shoot and to capture an image before it changes.

I also photograph architecture occasionally and have begun doing some studio headshot photography. However, at this point, I do not accept photography assignments or contracts.

Feel free to comment about any post you see. I welcome your feedback.

I am also a published author with five novels to my credit. To check out my books, visit my author site on Amazon.com.