Reflections of the Past – How It’s Done

Not long ago, a friend posted a photo she had taken of the reflection she saw in the rearview mirror of her car. I liked the photo, but also thought about the idea of a […]

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The Lily on the Deck

One recent day, I ventured outside in my back yard, looking for interesting shots. One almost jumped out at me — the flowers on my deck. A type of lily? … maybe. My wife likes to […]

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Water Drop Collision Art – Part II

In this installment, I continue the discussion of how to take photos of water drop collisions. You can view Part I here. Setting Up the MIOPS Splash Kit Setting up the splash apparatus is the […]

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Water Drop Collision Art

In an earlier post, I wrote about my initial experiments with water drop splash photography. This can be accomplished relatively easily with basic speedlights. A simple balloon filled with water and poked with a pin […]

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Photography in a Social Distancing World

The new reality of social distancing brought on by COVID19 has had its impact of photographers, just as with every other facet of American life. What are photographers doing when they are forced to close […]

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Spilled Bourbon – Photos of the Week

I originally titled these photos “In Kentucky, we don’t cry over spilled milk. Spilled bourbon – not so much” My ‘choice’ shot of a spilled glass of bourbon on a black reflective surface I got […]

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Nikon Z6 – Why I Chose it

After some time of shooting with my Nikon D5600, I decided it was time to consider an upgraded camera body. I was happy with the results produced by the D5600, but I was looking for […]

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My Workflow for Adobe Lightroom CC

In last week’s post regarding the new Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, I said that I would share my personal workflow when importing photos into Lightroom. There are probably as many variations of workflow as there are […]

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Lightroom – Better Than Ever

Adobe Lightroom has been my choice for photo management and editing for several years. But as good as it was, Lightroom is now better than ever. The Develop Module was first redesigned for the 2018 […]

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Where Was That Photo Taken?

We’ve all been there. We take several photos of a memorable trip, a special event, or just photos of some interesting things that we see. But then, one or two years later, we look at  […]

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