New Directions for my Photography

The last few weeks have brought numerous changes in my photography. Most visibly, I have changed my website hosting to SmugMug. SmugMug is a company which specializes in websites for photographers. Their tools make it […]

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Website Hosting Change

After several years with 2mHost, I have moved my photo website to SmugMug for hosting services. SmugMug is a premier site for photography websites and automates several features which I have previously had to accomplish […]

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My Tethering Set-up with Lightroom Classic

As I have posted some Behind-the-Scenes photos showing how I set up some macro photos, I have received some inquiries about tethered shooting. Simply put, tethering involves linking your camera directly to a computer. Photos […]

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Macro Photography – Face in a Droplet

A few weeks ago, I came across a photo by Paula Greco on Instagram which depicted a droplet falling from the tip of a red pencil. Inside the droplet was an 8-ball – the black […]

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Photography in a Social Distancing World

The new reality of social distancing brought on by COVID19 has had its impact of photographers, just as with every other facet of American life. What are photographers doing when they are forced to close […]

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Close-Up and Macro Photography

The weather in the past week has been dreary. So I decided to work on close-up and macro photography in my home studio. Close-up photography is related to macro photography. Macro photography, in its pure […]

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A Day of Photographing Models

I’ve taken a few headshots and formal portraits in my photography career. However, I don’t have a lot of experience photographing models. That’s why I was happy yesterday to attend a clinic hosted by Absolute […]

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Spilled Bourbon – Photos of the Week

I originally titled these photos “In Kentucky, we don’t cry over spilled milk. Spilled bourbon – not so much” My ‘choice’ shot of a spilled glass of bourbon on a black reflective surface I got […]

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Gravestone Photos – Giving Back to Others

One way we can provide a valuable service to our fellow man is to provide a link to someone’s past through gravestone photography. As photographers, we capture the beauty of our surroundings. Often, that beauty […]

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