New Feature — Stock Photos

I have added a new feature under the Photo Galleries tab on the main menu. The gallery Stock Photos includes several photos which are suitable for use on websites, social media, or commercial uses. These […]

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“John” – Photo of the Week

I’ve been fairly busy the last couple of weeks getting ready to work at the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament 1st / 2nd round games. However, on Saturday, I had time after I finished my tasks […]

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Lake Bled at Sunset — Photo of the Week

I took this photo while we were waiting for our table at a restaurant in Bled, Slovenia. I was happy with the way the overhanging tree framed the island in the middle of the lake. […]

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Contrasts of the Street – Photo of the Week

This week, I am featuring a photo which has consistently ranked as one of my most-viewed photos. I call it Contrasts of the Street. As with many good street photos, this one came about almost […]

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Monochrome Trees – Photo of the Week

Photographers are always looking for interesting shots. Sometimes, that quest gets a little boost from challenges of other photographers. The Challenge Such was the case a few weeks ago when a group I’m in issued […]

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My Go-To Button — Back Button Focus

Nearly all modern DSLR cameras have numerous buttons. And normally, two or three of those buttons are programmable. Most of the time, I’m happy with the original setting. But there is one setting that I’ve […]

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Website Redesign & Focus

In my continuing quest to make my website interesting and relevant the kind of photography I practice, I have embarked on a new design. While the overall look of the site has not changed, I […]

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My Workflow for Adobe Lightroom CC

In a previous post regarding the new Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, I said that I would share my personal workflow when importing photos into Lightroom. There are probably as many variations of workflow as there […]

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My Go-To Lens

For the photographer using a DSLR camera, the selection of a go-to lens is often more difficult than the selection of the camera body. But we know that choosing the right lens to match the […]

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Camera Bags for Street Photography

Camera bags — there are hundreds, if not thousands, of choices. But what are the best bags for street photography? Do I Need a Bag for Street Photography? Strictly speaking, the answer is no. In […]

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