My Workflow for Adobe Lightroom CC

In a previous post regarding the new Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, I said that I would share my personal workflow when importing photos into Lightroom. There are probably as many variations of workflow as there […]

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My Go-To Lens

For the photographer using a DSLR camera, the selection of a go-to lens is often more difficult than the selection of the camera body. But we know that choosing the right lens to match the […]

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Camera Bags for Street Photography

Camera bags — there are hundreds, if not thousands, of choices. But what are the best bags for street photography? Do I Need a Bag for Street Photography? Strictly speaking, the answer is no. In […]

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How I Became Interested in Street Photography

Last week’s blog entry delved into what street photography is. This week, I discuss how I became interested in street photography, a genre practiced by only a relatively small number of photographers. The Beginning I […]

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Street Photography – What Is It?

The new direction for my photography website focuses on my primary photography passion – Street Photography. I begin by reposting this edited commentary from earlier in the year, explaining the concept of Street Photography.   […]

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A New Direction for my Website

After considerable reflection, I have decided to change the focus and direction of my website. It is no surprise to those who follow me that my primary photographic focus is Street Photography. While I have […]

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This Week’s Walkabouts

This week, my photo walkabouts, as I call them, were two decidedly different ventures.  Downtown Louisville On Tuesday, I walked around downtown Louisville – one of my favorite venues for street photography. While I didn’t […]

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Full-Featured Photoshop Coming to iPad

In a major announcement, Bloomberg reports that Adobe Systems will announce a full-featured version of its iconic Photoshop program for the iPad. The announcement is anticipated at the October 2018 MAX Creative Conference. Release of […]

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Headshots – A New Photographic Adventure

I’ve never been afraid to photograph people. In fact, early in my ‘career’ as a photographer, I hit upon the genre of Street Photography. There is something special about capturing everyday people in everyday situations […]

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Adobe Lightroom – Now Better Than Ever

In a previous post, I explained why Adobe Lightroom is my choice for photo management and editing. But as good as it was, Lightroom is now better than ever. The Develop Module in the newest […]

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