Adobe Lightroom – Now Better Than Ever

In a previous post, I explained why Adobe Lightroom is my choice for photo management and editing. But as good as it was, Lightroom is now better than ever. The Develop Module in the newest […]

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Special Visitor

I was happy to have my son, Jaffe Worley, visit this past weekend. He generally lives in Seattle but is in Madison, WI for a while so it was fairly easy for him to make […]

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Street Photography with a Friend

Last Saturday at a meeting of a photography group, one of my fellow members, Lee Steiner, expressed an interest in street photography. Monday looked like it was going to be a nice day, so I […]

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Finding Good Photo Locations

One of the joys of photography is capturing a unique view of a location, even if it’s been visited by thousands of other people before. All of us probably know of some good photo locations […]

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Where Was That Photo Taken?

We’ve all been there. We take several photos of a memorable trip, a special event, or just photos of some interesting things that we see. But then, one or two years later, we look at  […]

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My Favorite Photos – Pick 12

“Of all the photos you’ve taken, which is your favorite?”  This is a question I’ve been asked several times and so I thought I would provide the answer. That proved to be more difficult than […]

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St. Matthews Street Festival

I spent a little time at a street festival in the suburban city of St. Matthews yesterday. The format was pretty much like most such events – streets closed off and a variety of vendor […]

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