Do You Have a Blog Page?
The Adobe hosting site that I use now does not provide specifically for a blog. However, I have taken a few of my favorite photography-related blog posts from the past and posted them as 'articles' on this site. 
While you can't comment directly on these articles as you might on a traditional blog post, I hope you find the information useful. I always welcome your comments about these or any future articles, sent to me via the Contact Me page, located under the General Info tab.

Digital or Print Copies of Photos
I do not sell prints or digital downloads from the site. However, you can find many of my photos for sale through my Getty Images / iStock site. Click on the Buy Photos option in the menu bar above.
Downloading or screen capture of any photo on this site will be considered a copyright violation. The majority of photos I post here are registered with the U.S. Government Copyright Office.

Contacting Me
If you have a question about anything on this site, or simply wish to say hello, drop me a note by filling out the Contact Me form. It is located under the General Info tab in the top menu. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.
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