What is Fine Art Photography?

Fine Art Photography is usually defined as photos “created in line with the vision of the photographer as artist, using photography as a medium for creative expression. The goal of fine-art photography is to express an idea, a message, or an emotion.”

So while Fine Art photos may look like architecture or landscape or cityscape photos, they are not created to document a scene, as a photojournalist might. Rather the photo may be altered to present my vision of the scene. This might include changing the photo to black and white, or adding / subtracting elements for style.

My Fine Art photos fall into two classes: Outdoor, including architecture and nature; and Studio, which includes macro or close-up photos.

What is the Difference between Macro and Close-up?

To most people, the difference is slight. For this reason, I include both types in a single classification. But technically speaking, a Macro photo is presented in 1:1 or larger magnification. In other words, the object in the photo is life-sized or larger.

Close-up photography, as the name implies, is merely a photo taken from close proximity to the subject. However, the subject is still presented smaller than life-sized. A good example of this is a flower. The photo may show the flower petals and stem/leaves of a single or small grouping of flowers but the image is still smaller than life-size.

It’s a fine distinction and not really important so long as the viewer likes the photo.

Photo Prints

Most photos on this site may be ordered in print format. The exception is street photographs, which may not be downloaded or printed.

Photos will have purchase options automatically displayed in a panel to the right of the photo on desktop applications when the individual image is displayed from the thumbnail grid.

Printed photos are available in a number of sizes and paper choices. Images displayed on this site are nominally 8×10 format in most instances. The site will automatically display cropping for sizes that differ from the 8×10 format.

Print images will not display any type of watermark. The copyright information will be printed on the back of the photo.

Orders are shipped directly to the purchaser from a professional print lab within two to three weeks of the order date.

Digital Downloads

All photos which can be ordered in print format may also be downloaded in digital (JPG) format. You will be provided with a download link immediately upon payment.

Digital downloads are nominally a 4×5 ratio format.

Digital downloads do not contain a watermark. However, any usage of a digital file should include a tagline of “Photo by Mike Worley Photos”.


Photos purchased – print or digital – from this site may not be used for any commercial application, including advertising. The photographer retains all copyright.

Privacy Policy

Our complete Privacy Policy is available by clicking on this link.

Contacting Me

Long-time visitors to my site may notice that the ‘Contact Me’ option has been removed from the menu. Unfortunately, the pandemic has brought out a vast increase in people with nothing better to do than hack other people’s sites, and the WordPress contact page is very vulnerable to serving as a conduit for that. So I have removed it.

If you want to contact me, you can email me at mike (at) mikeworleyphotos.com.