Regular users of this site may notice that all photos now have a gray or yellow watermark across the center on the photos when they are displayed on the screen.

I wanted to allow people to view my photos without such markings and resisted doing this for a long time. However, there have been numerous instances of people downloading or screen-capturing my photos without going through the purchase process. In some instances, these pirated photos have shown up in advertising or other copyright-violation uses. Unfortunately, this has caused me to take the measure of marking photos so that they cannot be easily used for such purposes.


For those who honor my work and purchase copies of my photos, there is no need to worry. Digital downloads may have my signature logo in the lower right, but the main portion of the photo will not be marred. Printed photos will not have any watermarking on the face of the photo at all.

For those who have, and continue to be, loyal followers who respect my work — and leave constructive criticism — I thank you and want you to know I value your comments and support.